Secret Agent Sanctuary

An oasis in the city, a behind-the-walls-passageway to wellness, a secret place for a select few. Take off your cape, remove your mask and recharge for your next mission. 

Come visit our haven, a quiet place where you can experience peace and a sense of self-healing with infrared modalities, a molecular hydrogen generator, salt lamp, water fountain, aromatherapy, zen lighting, music, meditations, or quiet. Enjoy your arrival as you meander through our business park with stress-free parking.

Any services in the Secret Agent Sanctuary at Suuz Moves can be truly stand-alone, mixed with other Sanctuary offerings for any amount of hours of relaxation, stress relief, and wellness. Or enjoy with a fellow agent a time of deepness.

Or, take a Tai Chi, Eight Treasures QiGong, Aroma Yoga, or Essentrics class, experience a Trager appointment then ReTreat yourself with our Secret Agent Sanctuary offerings.

We offer a state-of-the-art two-person (rather cozy but more comfortable for one) far-infrared Sauna with optional add-on Halo Therapy (think salt cave), with access to music or meditations with superb speakers in the Sauna.

We offer our safe and painless Molecular Hydrogen inhalation services as a standalone experience for one or two persons simultaneously or, you can add to any appointment or session at our Secret Agent Sanctuary. Sit or recline comfortably, place a nasal cannula into your nostrils, and breathe through your nose. We will set up the machine and ensure that you are comfortable.

Let us know your health wishes and we can provide optional custom Chinese Herb Elixirs in our glass tea makers, kept warm by candle in our glass tea warmers to be enjoyed while in the Sauna or before and after your other treatments.

We have two sizes of Far-Infrared, negative ion Richway Biomats, the Pro is full length and two Biomat Minis, optional to add the mini on top of your body or to target specific areas as you lie on the full-length Biomat.

Our Red Light Therapy panels are stand-alone or can optionally enhance your Biomat session.

Finish with our VibePlate session to further move out what you no longer want after any of these far-infrared treatments.

We also offer Lavender, Flax, and Mugwort EyeMasks (and other products) for sale, and while you are lying down and finish with Hot and/or Cold towels with aromatherapy.

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