Enjoy a Soothing Session for Tired, Achy Feet and Legs with our Seated Acupressure,

Vibration, Heated Foot/Calf Massage Device.

Targeted Massage

Reflexology massage heads and compression pads with 3-speed levels provide you with kneading, and rolling massage, targeting acupressure points on your feet and calves to alleviate pain and discomfort.

Accelerate Healing

Reduce muscle soreness, loosen stiff joints and manage chronic pain with 122° of soothing heat that surrounds your calves and feet with restorative warmth. Heat boosts blood flow, which warms up muscles, reduces pain, improves tissue healing, and increases flexibility.


Vitalizing Vibrations

Vibration stimulation increases blood flow, warming up joints and muscles. Vibration therapy can reduce muscle soreness and accelerate tissue repair.

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