I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the Qi Gong class today!!!!! Thank you Suuz Martines! IT was a beautiful thing to watch and learn – and the positive, healing energy in there was tangible. What a great experience.


We first met Suuz at the YMCA where she was our instructor for a yoga class. We especially love her Essentrics and Qi Gong 8 Treasures Classes — Suuz is wonderful! Knowledgeable and full of spirit and passion, she guides us through the stretching, strengthening, and centering of these various practices with an expert, gentle, humorous, and patient hand. We cannot recommend Suuz and her classes highly enough!

Emalie and Deborah (Mother and daughter)

I just want to thank you for the wonderful Yoga experience last week.
I have never practiced yoga with such an interesting instructor – and I have done yoga and pilates for 15 years.
Never in my life had I had an instructor that focused on the joint movement the way you do… you made the most challenging moves feel like a breeze only by making us concentrate on how to shift our joints in the right direction/position. I didn’t know before this week that the Boat and Canoe poses could be done without straining my neck or hurting my lower back only by focusing my eyes on my toes while, or that I can actually stand on one leg without losing my balance even once only by shifting my thoughts towards the right joints (rather than a fixed point on the floor) 


Suuz, Your Eccentrics classes and your Eight Treasures class have become very important to me. They have made me more flexible and confident. You are a wonderful instructor. Thanks for all you do for us.


We always enjoy working with Suuz in her studio. It has a special atmosphere and we enjoy visiting every time!


My experience was great! I thought at the time that I might pass out from the workout but the benefits for my chronic back pain afterwards lasted weeks! I’m so lucky to know Suuz 🙂


I have taken both yoga & Essentrics classes from Suuz & have experience great benefits from both! Suuz has some great insights into yoga bring her extensive training in various movement techniques to enhance the experience. Suuz’s Essentrics class includes both movement, flexibility & some strength aspects in a gentle manner that has benefited me greatly beyond my yoga practice! Both highly beneficial & highly recommended!


I was planting flowers outside. My hands were full when I tripped on the board I had on the sidewalk where I was putting dirt and plants, causing me to fall backwards. The fall was so slow and controlled, I fell like a feather on the sidewalk and was not hurt at all. I attribute this to the Tai Chi and Eight Treasures QiGong I have been doing with Suuz for several years. I have never fallen like that before.


Suuz is an excellent teacher & brings her unique experience & expertise in a wide variety of movement classes such as yoga, essentrics & tai chi to each class. I personally have benefitted greatly by Suuz’s unique insights into how the various movements help us get healthy, more flexible, stronger, & experience wellbeing through movement.  I find that it’s more beneficial than PT at a fraction of the cost. I have been taking yoga, fusion & pilates classes for over 8 years with a wide variety of instructors but have found Suuz to be the best. Her classes are extremely beneficial, fun & have helped me overcome a variety of back, shoulder & leg issues. Thanks to Suuz’s instruction, I am much healthier at 60 that i was in m 50’s! I highly recommend Suuz Moves!

Bill G

Suuz Moves has a great product at a great value. The website is super convenient allowing you to sign-up and pay for classes. Finally, Suuz is a great instructor that goes the extra mile and shares her enthusiasm with you.

Harvey J

My husband and I are taking our first Tai Chi/Essentrics class with Suuz and we are extremely happy that we found her! Each new class builds on the last and Suuz’ instructions consider our physical limitations while improving our balance, flexibility and peace. Suuz not only teaches us the moves at our own pace but she explains the tai chi principles and physiology behind each move. This makes it easier and more enjoyable for us to learn and remember the moves. Suuz takes us through each move step-by-step while she demonstrates from the front and side to help us learn. And her studio is perfect! We can’t recommend Suuz highly enough!

Patti A