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Biomat Explanation of Technology

The BioMat is very different from a standard heating pad. It does not contain heating coils or any point sources of heat, so it does not present the practical dangers associated with heating pads. It also has EMF protection built-in. And yet, the BioMat can transfer far more heat into the body, compared to a heating pad. This is because the heat transfer is radiant, not conductive. And since the heat is distributed evenly throughout the body, rather than just on the skin, there is great therapeutic value.

The radiant heat is produced by hot crystals that cover the surface of the mat, and there are settings to control the desired temperature of the crystals. The crystals are warmed by a flexible conductive heating plate, which was developed originally by NASA in order to safely warm space stations and other space vehicles.

Far Infrared Light: This is the same phenomenon as visible light, but the wavelength is longer, so we cannot detect it visually. As the wavelength increases, the light can penetrate more deeply, transferring heat very efficiently. This is why sunlight warms us to our bones. If you hold a flashlight behind your fingers, only the red light can penetrate. This is because it has a longer wavelength than the other components of the light.

Negative Ions: These are air molecules that have an extra electron, hence the negative charge. They are abundant near large sources of moving water. Breathing these free electrons neutralizes oxidizing compounds (free radicals). They are an anti-oxidant! You may also notice the benefits of mood and alertness, due to increased serotonin levels.

Amethyst: Natural crystals convert conductive heat into far infrared light very efficiently. Indeed, all infrared products rely on some kind of crystalline material for this reason, but some products use ceramic or graphite. Natural crystals have long been used for healing purposes, across many different cultures, and there could be a scientific basis for this practice, yet to be discovered.







The BioMat Benefits

Raises Core Body Temperature Enzymes are the basis of all life and cell function. Nearly all chemical processes in the body depend on enzymes. And many enzymes are keyed to our body temperature, such that a small drop in temperature can create a huge drop in enzyme function. Core temperature might as well be a measure of life force. This is critical for people with low resting body temperature.

Relieves Anxiety, Improves Mood, and Promotes Relaxation The BioMat facilitates meditation and deep relaxation. We often recommend listening to music to create a more relaxing or transformative experience. Mind-body pathways are real, and they are hormonal. By reducing stress hormones like cortisol, we produce a cascade of other beneficial effects, and the BioMat has been shown to do just this.

Repairs Soft Tissue For brand new injuries, ice should be used to reduce inflammation. However, for existing injuries, sprains, and chronic inflammation, heat is the best treatment. The BioMat is effective because it penetrates deeply and reaches the site of the injury.

Relieves Pain The brain can not accept every signal the body sends to it, so most of the information simply never gets there. If we activate enough heat receptors in our body, those signals crowd out the pain signals. It’s known as the “gate effect,” because the brain’s “receiving gate” is smaller than the amount of information that goes out for delivery.


Improves Circulation Infrared therapy expands and relaxes capillaries because they attempt to shed excess heat through the skin. This makes nutrients and oxygen more available to the skin, raises the temperature of hands and feet, and also helps to drain any accumulated lymph.


Improves Skin Sweating is a basic biological function that is too easily forgotten about, especially with the help of air conditioning. Human evolution favored a truly massive capacity to sweat, so avoiding it at all costs may have unintended consequences, especially for the skin. At the least, we know it helps to clean pores, increases blood flow to the skin, and eliminates toxins. There may be more to it than that.

Increases Metabolism The BioMat can allow higher core body temperature, better circulation, and more enzyme activity, including digestive enzymes. This all translates into a faster pace of chemical and mechanical activity which speeds up tissue repair, immune response, and detoxification.


Boosts Immune System Fevers are the body’s turbo switch. Everything goes into overdrive, and infections are decimated. Natural fevers can be scary if left unchecked or unmonitored, but we should grant them respect too. The body is taking care of business. Since the BioMat can elevate our body temperature by a few degrees, in a more controlled way, we can create an artificial fever. This was Hippocrates’ greatest wish.

Fights Infection Louis Pasteur said “the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything”. Many pathogens thrive at normal body temperatures, but they love low body temperatures. (They don’t call it a “cold” for nothing). By changing their preferred environment, we slow them down, while at the same time unlocking our own immune system, and turning the tide of infection more quickly. Many people report warding off colds using the BioMat.

Detoxifies On the higher settings, the BioMat can produce lots of heat, much like a sauna. To further this, you can place a blanket over top of you. Of course, it is good to consume water and electrolytes and be careful not to overdo it. The body will work hard to shed the excess heat, and sweating is a very natural way to shed toxins too, including heavy metals.
































**This information is not intended to cure, diagnose, or treat medical conditions, nor is it a substitute for the product user’s guide. Please consult with a physician before beginning this or any other new health care program. Any information with regard to personal testimonies about Richway International’s products does not reflect or represent Richway’s product claims. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


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